Matthew DeLorme - Photographer. Adventurer. Mountain Biker.

     Matthew DeLorme is a high-intensity photographer. From vivid, unmanipulated images of the American Southwest, to tight shots of master-craftsmen in concentration or professional mountain bikers caught in action from beneath their wheels, DeLorme's photos vibrate with rebel spirit. For 10 years, DeLorme has inculcated himself in the work and expedition experience of National Geographic photographer Galen Rowell and Sebastiao Salgado. DeLorme's own treks often capture "accessory moments". Rather than focusing on the man-conquers-nature summit of an ice-climb, he might find camaraderie in a candle-lit cabin, bridging the humanistic tone of his photojournalism with his adventure stories. 

      Entirely self-taught, DeLorme has embraced the special perspective of "endurance photography," or as he puts it, "Behind most of my images there's some pain and suffering." Calm landscapes belie what it took to find them. The physical labor behind the shot is reborn in the stunning physicality of natural textures in images wrought with wonder and a keen understanding of natural light. DeLorme also has the ability to work under extreme pressure, and find ways to get the job done when things go wrong. He once took a camera apart and, using a hammer, repaired a bent lens mount after the camera took a tumble down a mountain-side scree slope in order to complete his assignment. 

   Matthew DeLorme currently works for Trek Bicycle Company, and his photography is featured in Decline Magazine, Pinkbike.com, and several bicycle manufacturer catalogs. Current projects include documenting the return of the Mattanza in Sicily. He lives in Golden, Colorado.

He can be contacted at +1.207.776.1320    matthew.delorme@gmail.com